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  2. Well needed updates from suggestions of players thanks for the work
  3. Hey guys! We've again been working hard to get some quality of life improvements and other additions to KooselScape. Here is the update for today: We've added a vote party! For every 25 votes in a day, everyone who is online at that momeny will receive a Super Mystery Box (reward might change) You can check the votes left for a vote party on the ::vote page. Added many auras to the KooselScape points shop. Check it out! Revamped the vote page. Placed the flameburst defender in the off-hand. Increased the attack speed of the hexhunter bow. Changing a task with slayer can now be done with money from your money pouch. Reduced the melee defence of Edimmu (dungeoneering 100-110). Ranged/Magic is still better on Edimmu Legendary and Divine donators now receive 4 Squeal of Fortune spins per day, instead of 3 Added Culinaromancer's gloves 8/9/10 to the Cliff bosses. Mostly aimed towards ironman. Added a Blood Altar to the altar teleports, and the banker has been moved to the middle. Being able to remove (dead) tree from tree patch immediately, instead of cutting it down (right-click clear) At last, we reduced the prices of charms. Thanks for playing, and see you in-game! Gino & Daan
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  6. Hey guys! First of all, me and Daan really appreciate your support the last week! The launch has been very succesfull thus far and we would love to keep it that way. We have been working very hard to get a good, first update and here it is: The highscores have been polished! This includes: A new look An only iron man toggle A completion section, which shows how far you are off to reaching the 5b XP mark (in %) Added/fixed some donator icons Have a look for yourself! https://kooselscape.com/highscores/ We've added a top 3 section to the vote page. This also means that we will release rewards for the top 3 voters of this month (and the months to come) Rewards will be announced later The donator shop now includes: RS3 GP and OSRS GP prices Information buttons for every item, which shows the stats of the item For donator statusses or others it includes everything they give The armour crate has been added to KooselScape, which contains: Commons: Dragon & Barrows armours Uncommon: GWD armours Rare: Primal, Celestial, Sagittarian & Nex armours Very rare: Malevolent, Sirenic, Tectonic armours and Spirit Shields. A teleport to Taverley dungeon has been added (PVM -> Hard) Multiple monsters which were not in Taverley Dungeon yet have been added Fixed a bug where catching implings didn't count towards the completionist cape requirements Added more implings to Puro Puro, aswell as making them spawn in the middle instead of across Puro Puro And last but not least........ You can look up items to check which monsters drop it! For example: you want to see which monsters drop a chaotic rapier You type "::itemlookup chaotic rapier" and it will show you that Party Demon drops the Chaotic Rapier with a chance of 5% And you can check the drop table from all npcs: For example: you want to know what a specific npc drops You type "::npclookup elvarg" and you will see his drop table, including the odds. For those who made it all the way down here, thanks for playing KooselScape and keep the suggestions coming! Thanks, Gino & Daan
  7. Just wanted to make a small thread of some of the things I would like to see and some of the bugs I've noticed in my short time back in no order of importance. !!!Please let me ESC from bank :D!!! General store prices are really bugged for what should be expensive items. (Colored DBows, Virtus, Pernix) the list goes on Client randomly closes? Don't know if this is just an issue I'm having but annoying nonetheless. No global announcement for Super Mystery Boxes, knowing what people get is part of the fun but I don't enjoy spamming the chat when I open my stockpile from the Ckey chest. Add a third area to Runespan for the 200m grinders/convenience in general. Add back the Trio bosses that dropped Primal/Saggitarian/Celestial Dragon Warhammer boss Dungeoneering boss I'll stop here but I'm interested in all feedback, in agreeance or not let me hear your opinion. 🙂
  8. Kirino


    Hiyoooo, I used to play lots & lots so let me know if I can help at all! Looking forward to playing with you all again Kirino ❤️
  9. Ben

    We've launched!

    When will there be A discord? Smile-Break1ngben (lovemissyouginoanddan<3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwPs0rhoVnI
  10. Hello everyone! As of today we officially launched our server KooselScape. You can download the client at our home page. Have fun!
  11. Gino


    I'm Gino, owner of the private server called KooselScape. Nice to meet you and see you in-game! 😄
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