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  1. Azure

    Second boss pet!

    Nice luck... wanna give me some?
  2. Azure

    Wizzy's introduction

    Welcome back! I'm glad you are finally making time for the important things in life... 😉 I look forward to seeing you around!
  3. Azure

    Easy Clue Scroll Guide

    Hey guys, I found a website that helps with clue scrolls, so far it hasn't let me down. I hope you guys make use of this! http://arcticscape.4umer.com/t38-clue-scroll-guide
  4. Azure


    You're a police officer? I'm studying Criminal Justice in college right now. That's super exciting! 😮
  5. Azure

    Bandos Luck to start the account!

    Nice job man, that's super!
  6. Azure


    Well said.
  7. Azure


    Prove it! I dare you to get 5b xp in 19 hours again! Glad to have you!
  8. Azure


    Hey guys! My name is Tim (Azure is my ign), and I currently go to college in New York. I haven't played an rsps (or runescape) in a long while, so have mercy on me! I joined this server recently, and have loved everything that I have seen so far. I'm looking forward to growing this server with you all! Come talk to me in-game... grinding is a lot more fun together! I hope to see you all around!