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  1. What's your name? -answer- How old are you? -answer- Where are you from? (+ timezone) -answer- How long have you been playing KooselScape? -answer- Why do you think we should consider you to be a staff member? -answer-
  2. Onig

    Second boss pet!

  3. Onig

    Wizzy's introduction

    Wb noob
  4. Onig

    Finally a good Super Mystery Box!!

    Damn boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  5. Onig


    Hey Niels, you can always contact us for this; we will solve it manually. We'll also look into a solution for upgrading ranks on the site itself. See you in-game!
  6. Onig

    Just 2 Days after release!

  7. Onig


    Good to see you Niels!!
  8. Added the new links of discord, rules, price check, drops etc. Will be filled in later Removed multi at dagannoths Removed double xp given by the rope swing at wilderness agility course Owners can now manually give perks to players Small stuff but more is on the way. We will listen to every one of your suggestion and consider to work on it. Thanks! - Gino
  9. Onig

    Price Guide

    - coming soon -
  10. Onig


    - coming soon -
  11. Onig

    Donator Shop Info

    - coming soon -
  12. Onig

    Drop Table

    this one is temporary dont worry monsters pretty much every monster drops crystal key parts cyclops - defenders, including dragon/flameburst glacors - steadfast/ragefire/glaiven boots revenants - pvp gear and statues for money pvm island - ironman can get their skilling supplies here, for every skill bosses pretty much every boss has a chance of dropping dragonkin key parts bork - promethium elvarg - visage, dragon masks, pet kbd - visage, pet giant mole - shit, pet warped galega - money, frost bones, spin tickets, fury AoD - captain sword, werewolf outfit, spin tickets cliff - money bandos - bandos gear, dominion sword, goliath gloves, pet armadyl - armadyl gear, dominion crossbow, swift gloves, pet zamorak - subjugation pieces, dominion staff, pet saradomin - sara sword, godsword, armadyl cbow, saradomin hiss/murmur/whisper, pet pest queen - seals for void gear (che'eno shop) kalphite queen - drygores, pet both phases qbd - royal cbow pieces, dragonbone upgrade thingies nex - torva, pernix, virtus, zaryte bow, pet party demon - chaotic weapons, elegant pieces, pet skeletal horror - blisterwood stuff, drygore defender, pet blink - trickster, battlemage, dominion weapons, pet corp - divine/ely/arcane/spectral sigil, spirit shield, holy elixir, pet dark core and pet corp dag kings - d axe, berserker/seers/archers/warriors ring kal'ger - malevolent vorago - seismic, tectonic, ascension, sirenic sunfreet - cash, visage, christmas wand vampyre - vanguard pieces thanatos - dragonbone pieces yk'lagor - dragon armour pieces (spiked and gilded)
  13. Onig

    Superman Introduction

    Good to see you again dude! And maybe you will be staff in the future, who knows 😉