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    Inventory disappeared?

  2. Onig

    snikkis torva gloves drop

  3. Onig


    You can sort on xp modes by clicking on it
  4. Onig

    Update, 23-07-2019

    Changed vote prices to match between 1-2 votes, since the system is not working properly. Deathtouch Dart has been added to the vote shop.
  5. Onig

    Skeletal Horror Camp progress

  6. Onig

    Update, 21-07-2019

    ;;drops now works properly Added tp to blue dragons Removed the imps catched requirement for completionist cape, as it was not working Only 2 tormented demons, instead of 100000000000000 (or was it 100000000000001, not sure) Made some adjustments to ;;checkreqs and ;;achievements Qol changes for staff
  7. Onig

    Arma Adventures

  8. Onig

    Some drops

  9. Onig


    Wtf is your luck lollllllllllllllllllll
  10. Onig

    Virtus mask snipe with death touched dart

    Nicee 😄
  11. Onig

    Hai Haiii Kirino desu~

  12. Onig

    The Journey Continues

    Nice drops!
  13. Onig

    ;;claimdonation not working

  14. Onig

    Ready to play!

    You can download the client on www.kooselscape.com/play
  15. Onig

    Ready to play!

    Can you show a screenshot in PM?
  16. Onig

    Wassup! It's ya OG Dee!

    Hey OG Dee, nice to meet you!
  17. Onig

    Ready to play!

    And did you download the new client?
  18. Onig

    Ready to play!

    What does it say?
  19. Onig

    Hey (: Im Braids

    Hey Braids, welcome! See you in-game soon!
  20. Onig

    Clue scroll rewards

    Clue Scroll Reward List Coin Rewards Coins 100k Coins 250k Coins 500k Coins 1m Coins 2m Coins 3m Coins 4m Coins 5m Coins 6m Coins 9m Coins 10m Coins 7m Coins 8m Cosmetic Rewards Red Boater Orange Boater Greem Boater Blue Boater Black Boater Black Shield (H1) Adamant Shield (H1) Rune Shield (H1) Black shield (H2) Adamant Shield (H2) Rune Shield (H2) Khazard helmet Black shield (h3) Adamant Shield (h3) Rune Shield (h3) Black Shield (h4) Adamant Shield (h4) Rune Shield (h4) Black Shield (h5) Adamant Shield (h5) Rune Shield (h5) Studded Body (g) Studded Body (t) Studded Chaps (g) Studded Chaps (t) Dragonhide Body (g) Dragonhide body (t) Dragonhide Chaps (g) Dragonhide Chaps (t) Wizard Hat (g) Wizard Robe Skirt (g) Wizard Robe Skirt (t) Wizard Robe Top (g) Wizard Robe Top (t) Wizard hat (t) Wizard Hat (g) Enchanted Robe Enchanted Hat Rune Helm (h1) Rune Helm (h2) Rune Helm (h3) Rune helm (h4) Rune Helm (h5) Adamant Helm (h1) Adamant Helm (h2) Adamant Helm (h3) Adamant Helm (h4) Adamant Helm (h5) Black Helm (h1) Black Helm (h2) Black Helm (h3) Black Helm (h4) Black Helm (h5) Zamorok Vambraces Zamorok Body Zamorok Chaps Zamorok Coif Guthix Vambraces Guthix Body Guthix Chaps Guthix Coif Saradomin Vambraces Saradomin Body Saradomin Chaps Saradomin Coif A Powdered Wig Flared Trousers Pantaloons Sleeping Cap Black Elegant Shirt Third-age Ranged Gear Third-age Range Top Third-age Range Legs Third-age Range Coif Third-age Vambraces Third-age Magic Gear Third-age Robe Top Third-age Robe Third-age Mage hat Third-age Amulet Third-age Melee Gear Third-age platelegs Third-age platebody Third-age Full Helmet Third-age Kiteshield