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  1. Superman

    koala's introduction

    Welcome to the server bud!
  2. Superman

    Second boss pet!

    Another low kc pet after my 1 kc pet dark core!
  3. Superman

    Wizzy's introduction

    Hey! Welcome back dude, good to see you playing again
  4. Superman

    Easy Clue Scroll Guide

    Nice one man! I've let my clues stack up far too much!
  5. This took far too long compared to Gino getting a rare every single time...
  6. Superman

    A little more luck!

    Decided to try my luck at nex and was not dissapointed! 8kc for Pernix chaps, I didn't get a screenshot though - and then when I thought I was dry, 3 drops back to back to back!
  7. Superman

    Just 2 Days after release!

    First Max cape in the game!
  8. Superman

    Patch Notes, 20th of November

    Removed multi at dagganoths? Damn I liked training magic there Keep it up!
  9. 10kc for my first and the best drop, tassets! Then the very next minion kill after, bandos boots! Hopefully the start of a very lucky account
  10. Superman

    Drop Table

    Ah I was looking for this, the old one was so helpful!
  11. Superman

    Superman Introduction

    Hi all, My real name is Joe, I go by Superman in-game. I used to be a dedicated koosel member who put in a LOT of hours towards skilling and prestiging, I believe I was working on my 3rd prestige last time which I found great fun and will go for again! I'm hoping to max by the end of the week and start PvMing again as it used to be so much fun! I used to be around rank 5 give or take and with a fresh server I have a better and fairer chance of getting number 1! Back in the day I even applied for staff, but at the time there was too many staff members, this is something I would still like to do and work towards! Hope to see you all around!
  12. Superman