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  1. Niels


    Pls fix the rewards of the Squeel of fortune... Right now it only gives you lamps, i think you should make it more various. Btw, the jackpot is almost all the time a silver lamp, which gives the same amount of xp as the golden one. Sometimes when it says i have 5 spins, it only gives me 4 rewards.. Fix dat shiet!!! ~Niels
  2. Niels


    Hello everyone, I'm Niels, i'm 24 years old and i'm from the Netherlands. I've been playing Runescape + RSPS's for almost 11 years now. I have alot of experience as a member of staff in private servers. Besides Runescape i love to play shooters (BF5,BO4) and Farming simulator 19 (yep) on the ps4: chickenvsbeer, feel free to add me. In real life i'm working fulltime as a police officer (mhhmm), this year i've bought a house together with my girlfriend where we are living happily ever after! I hope to see you ingame! ~Niels
  3. Niels


    Hey guys, Today i've donated for the diamond rank, which is $30. After i donated i started thinking: I paid $30 for diamond and Hero is $60, so when i want to ''upgrade'' it will cost me $90 in total to get to Hero. Otherwise it will cost me just the $60.. Is it possible to make a $30 upgrade to Hero or something? Think that would be much more attractive for people to get the hero rank. It's not about me being greedy or any, i just think it can help you guys by getting more $$$$ ~Niels