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  1. shadow

    few drops again but b2b2b then 2 kills later

    Holy shit dog .
  2. shadow

    Get memed on

    Most of ya know im over 200 deep on armadyl camping for swifts. i take a break go to bandos and on my 4th fckin kill. I get goliaths. smh
  3. shadow

    Revamping Forums/discord

    Along with previous suggestions i had. Heres a big one. The forums is a bit of an eye sore a nice revamp, darker theme with some more unique back drop. As well as creating a discord channel it does the server well to have a place people can congregate rather then just forums
  4. shadow

    Arma Adventures

    This shows me no relief on my grind too LOL over 200 kills total and nothing.
  5. shadow

    Future update ideas

    -Implementing a boss/way to get best items in game from not just donating EX. A boss for highest level donors to keep it some what exclusive but in game or some other shape/form. -Giving Warsuit an HP boost like Torva/Virtus/Pernix and possibly the ability to change colors 🙂 -Updating the Drop table a more in depth drop log of the items dropped and actually drop chance. (Makes life a bit easier for me and players when they know what to kill) -Kill count at GWD make the game a bit more grindy -Adding a trio boss id say of the 3 dungeon gear (Primal, Celestial, Sagitarian) make it where each select NPC drops there armor set/weapons. -More advertising lets get this shit rolling 😄
  6. So boys i grinded the living hell out of Skeletal Horror and on my 100th kill it finally happened LOL