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    Reaper's Moderator Application

    EXTRA INFORMATION My hobbys. Playing video games has always been my thing, also i like to workout and i used to do boxing and kickboxing but unfortunaly i quit doing that since i moved out of house and live on myself now. But i am planning to work on that in the future 😃 Staff Experience. I have been part of staff team's in many different games and also in Rsps servers but it has been a long while ago, i used to host server's myself too because i like to create good content for players. Now that im back at playing Rsps im looking forward to building up more experience at being a staff member. And ofcourse i am hoping that i will get that chance at Kooselscape!
  2. My application for Moderator! First of all, i will start by telling my ingame name which is Reaper, and my real life name is Damian. I am 19 year's old and i live in the Netherlands. Why do i make this application? I simply make this application because i like this server and certainly want to help improving it as far as i can! Ofcourse by helping out player's and by helping out the staff team if neccesary, and ofcourse making sure nobody breaks the server rules.. also i'd like to advertise for this server but how i do not know yet.. What i do know is that Kooselscape deserves a bigger community 🙂 How much am i online? As a staff member i think it is also my responsibility to be online as much as i can, which i will be for sure! I have much free time so that means if nothing stops me i can be online the biggest part of the day so that means alot of hours. How much hours exactly i can not tell since every day goes differently but i think that is understandable. Final words. I hope i can try to prove myself worthy of this position. I thank you for reading this application! Kind regards - Damian (Reaper) 👍