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  1. mrbubbles


    I just realized, you can change it to veteran mode, but it doesn't sort it out by xp anymore, it just throws all the veteran names into a list. I've tried clicking "XP Mode" then clicking "Total XP", but it still doesn't sort it out. Not a huge problem, just something I noticed that when a lot more people join, they'll say something about too possibly.
  2. mrbubbles

    grenwall spikes

    Grenwall spikes are stacked now, thank you Gino for the update, only problem now is, it only makes one potion haha. I have 5500 spikes, and 24 potions in inventory, and it only will make one potion at a time, then I have to re click on the potion and spikes again to make a second potion. Repeating this process till the inventory is done. Not sure if making the spikes stackable is what caused this, but when it was first updated to be stacked I had no issues. Beauxbatons tested it as well, and it only makes one at a time for him. @Onig
  3. mrbubbles

    Inventory disappeared?

    So i was doing daggs to get 200m prayer xp, and my client crashed, when i logged back in all my runes, charms, bonecrusher, and charming imp have disappeared..? I had a ton of runes that "Boots" gave to me.. (an around number because ive used quite a bit of them) I had 170k bloods, 98k deaths, and 37k astral runes... Not sure if its happened to anyone else, or if there's any way to figure out why it happened but figured id post it on here for a possible look into. Was standing right on the other side of the rock in the middle of daggs..Not sure if you're able to respawn that back in for me as i can't prove it other than my word, and boots who can tell you that he gave me the runes.
  4. mrbubbles

    Account stuck logged in

    Can you lock this topic since the problems been fixed please.
  5. mrbubbles

    grenwall spikes

    Is it possible to make grenwall spikes stack? They stack in RS and other places i've places ive played.
  6. mrbubbles

    Account stuck logged in

    I was at Falador tree spot, and hit one of the mole hills, and it froze my character to where i had to force close the client. When i went back to login, my account is still logged in, and standing ontop of the mole hill. I figured with time he'd auto logout, but its been 3 hours that he's been stuck there. Can someone please kick him, and also please get rid of the mole holes so no-one else gets glitched out as well. (Also the discord link is broken so im unable to join the discord to seek help on this problem if anyone is able to update that as well). Many thanks for your time, MrBubbles
  7. mrbubbles


    Oh, ok! Thank you!!
  8. mrbubbles


    Is their any possible way to make a highscores page for accounts not on normal mode? Hard to keep up with people who can make 1b exp in a day where it takes veteran mode over a week for 1b.. (been playing for 5 days now, and not even half a b in exp). If not its fine, but just figured id ask so that there's an actual reason for anyone not on normal mode to try to have the most exp ;3. Thank you for your time!