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    please DM me on discord @ im always salty #8957 this is my personal discord , which also sends DM notifications to my phone. use it only when a bug like this occures , message me when you're able to get online and id be happy to resolve your situation for you. thanks.
  2. delete anything that is in in red as these are notes for the writer and not necessary for the application feel free to spice up the application , bolt texts , colors , etc. or leave it plain and simple! position you're applying for why do you want the position? why should you be granted this position ? personal information just simple information , age , favorite pass times , name etc. how long have you been a member of kooselscape. how much time do you have to invest into the server ? do you have any experience as a staff member on other servers? do NOT list server names , example: admin for 6 months on one server i owned my own server for 2 years. are you ready , willing , and able to work side by side the kooselscape community & staff to grow this server to the best server it can be? any additional information you'd like to tell us about?
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