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  1. Will be hosting an event on this weekend killing Nex if you would like to learn or come along for kills that would be cool trying to get as many as possible If you don't know what to do I will talk you through the kill, I can't speak for others but any drops I get will be going to someone who needs it so come along and have fun get some drops and learn Nex if you need to. Invent: replace ovl with range pots if you don't have, equip ruby bolts (e) and have dragon bolts (e) as switch when Nex gets low HP, Summon steel titan with scrolls or any familiar you have. Pots are fine if you don't have flasks Gear: your best ranged gear Void is excellent in masses equip ruby bolts (e) - Void>Pernix>D'hide
  2. awesome lots of drops
  3. Well needed updates from suggestions of players thanks for the work
  4. Nice updates thnx
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