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  1. Just wanted to make a small thread of some of the things I would like to see and some of the bugs I've noticed in my short time back in no order of importance. !!!Please let me ESC from bank :D!!! General store prices are really bugged for what should be expensive items. (Colored DBows, Virtus, Pernix) the list goes on Client randomly closes? Don't know if this is just an issue I'm having but annoying nonetheless. No global announcement for Super Mystery Boxes, knowing what people get is part of the fun but I don't enjoy spamming the chat when I open my stockpile from the Ckey chest. Add a third area to Runespan for the 200m grinders/convenience in general. Add back the Trio bosses that dropped Primal/Saggitarian/Celestial Dragon Warhammer boss Dungeoneering boss I'll stop here but I'm interested in all feedback, in agreeance or not let me hear your opinion. 🙂
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