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Update, 31st of May

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Hey guys! We've again been working hard to get some quality of life improvements and other additions to KooselScape. Here is the update for today:

  • We've added a vote party! 
    • For every 25 votes in a day, everyone who is online at that momeny will receive a Super Mystery Box (reward might change)
    • You can check the votes left for a vote party on the ::vote page.
  • Added many auras to the KooselScape points shop. Check it out!
  • Revamped the vote page.
  • Placed the flameburst defender in the off-hand.
  • Increased the attack speed of the hexhunter bow.
  • Changing a task with slayer can now be done with money from your money pouch.
  • Reduced the melee defence of Edimmu (dungeoneering 100-110). 
    • Ranged/Magic is still better on Edimmu
  • Legendary and Divine donators now receive 4 Squeal of Fortune spins per day, instead of 3
  • Added Culinaromancer's gloves 8/9/10 to the Cliff bosses. Mostly aimed towards ironman. 
  • Added a Blood Altar to the altar teleports, and the banker has been moved to the middle.
  • Being able to remove (dead) tree from tree patch immediately, instead of cutting it down (right-click clear)
  • At last, we reduced the prices of charms.

Thanks for playing, and see you in-game!

Gino & Daan

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