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Account stuck logged in

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I was at Falador tree spot, and hit one of the mole hills, and it froze my character to where i had to force close the client. When i went back to login, my account is still logged in, and standing ontop of the mole hill. I figured with time he'd auto logout, but its been 3 hours that he's been stuck there. Can someone please kick him, and also please get rid of the mole holes so no-one else gets glitched out as well. (Also the discord link is broken so im unable to join the discord to seek help on this problem if anyone is able to update that as well).

Many thanks for your time,


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Posted (edited)

please DM me on discord @ im always salty #8957 this is my personal discord , which also sends DM notifications to my phone.

use it only when a bug like this occures , message me when you're able to get online and id be happy to resolve your situation for you.


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spelling error.

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