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Update, 21st of June

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  • Fixed numerous bugs at wilderness agility course
  • Fixed a bug where you could complete the advanced gnome agility course multiple times in one run
  • Removed the world message from getting a drakans medallion and a blisterwood staff
  • You now get a crushed birds nest when searching one from woodcutting.
  • Added the ability to scatter infernal ashes
  • Added a functional summoning potion to the potion shop, from Hank
  • Added the dragon dagger p++ to the weapon shop, from Peksa
  • Examining an NPC now gives the correct drop table
  • Added fully functional glassblowing
  • Added molten glass drops to the Ice Wolf and the Big Wolf at pvm island
  • Added stats to the red and pink spirit shield
  • Added a functional super antifire
  • Made some extra additions to the vote site. You can now see:
    • Top 5 voters
    • Your amount of votes when filling in your name
    • Only the top 3 voters of this month will receive the monthly rewards, but this will change next month
  • Revamped the shop, ::donate
  • Added the bank perk and a ready to grind kit to ::Donate
  • You can now only claim your donation when your inventory is empty.

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